CES News Broadcast

Published on 08/18 at 04:03 PM

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Good News

Published on 08/05 at 02:41 AM

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Read More High School Correspondent

Published on 08/05 at 02:36 AM

This week Catherine Zelenka details what the high school student council has in store for the year.
NOLA.COM - New Christ Episcopal High School Student Council plans a packed agenda for the year

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Thursday Go Home August 21.2014

Published on 08/05 at 02:35 AM

August 21, 2014



CBC afternoon carpool requests:  Parents, unless you have school business, your child has a doctor’s appointment or being picked up to attend a CES sporting event, please do not park in the parking lot on side of or in front of the gym and walk to pick your child up.  It is not fair to those waiting in carpool to have it avoided by parking and retrieving students ahead of… Read More