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Welcome to Christ Episcopal School

For twenty-five years, Christ Episcopal School has sought to live out its mission with a humble earnestness of purpose. Throughout that time our campus has continued to develop into an environment where each person's uniqueness is intrinsically valued. We seek to remember and act upon the definitive belief that each child manifests God's creative love passing through the prism of the parents, and refracts a new manifestation of "God in the World." Therefore each student is a wonder; "called by name." God called each of our children by name before we knew they were ours. So, we seek not to manage but guide them through wisdom, opportunity, encouragement and, yes, mandates to progress through recognized developmental goals on the intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, and physical planes.

We also seek to act justly, and for us, the model to emulate in doing so is the Spirit of Christ. People who act for justice though do not ignore or allow repetitive acts of self-centeredness that are harmful to others or one's own self. We look for and seek in worship, reflection, and thought, the moral courage within ourselves and our students to both know the "good" and to choose the "good" as we move through the years together sharing both joys and trials.

Finally, we are clearly about something everyday. We are about learning. We seek a level of engagement in learning by which we measure our effectiveness. We seek a productive and invigorating marriage of a work ethic and intellectual curiosity. We expect and look for joy in and out of the classroom as we pursue high expectations, inculcate a lifelong love of learning and critical and reflective thought within relationship-based teaching.

While we recognize and honor the responsibility, we take great pleasure in being so proximate to our children's development. We relish the relationships, the trust and the opportunity to weave the fabric of our community while valuing each thread as precious in the philosophical, theological and personal sense. I invite you to contact us and explore the web site to learn more about our school. To learn more about the Episcopal tradition upon which the school is founded, click here.

Our goal is to prepare our children for living in God's world, with all their rights and privileges, duties and responsibilities.
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